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Welcome to Leesburg Acres, Inc.

Before you start looking for a home with us, we would like to ask you few questions that are in our application so we may "pre-screen" our future applicants. No sense in wasting your time if you do not qualify at this time. We have an extensive application that we feel is important to our company as well as to our current tenants. Our current tenants really appreciate our application process and also our extensive Lease. See questions for more information about our application. Once you see our homes, you will understand.

  • 1) Do you have any pets? We have a "no pets policy." (See questions for more information)
  • 2) Do you have at least 2 years of rental history? If not, you must have a qualified co-signor. We do check all references. (See questions for more information)
  • 3) Do you personally own your own vehicle? You must be the named owner of an approved DOT vehicle. (See questions for more information)
  • 4) Do you owe any money in arrears to SCE&G? All our homes are connected to SCE&G for electricity. If you owe SCE&G any money, they will want that balance "paid in full" before you may start new service.

Now, to see what vacancies we may have, please click on the "Rental Openings?" in the sky above. If you see future vacancies that you may want to rent, feel free to add yourself to our Waiting List. We will notify you as soon as we are ready to show that particular home. All applications are on a first-come-first-serve basis. We do not gather a "pool" of applicants and pick which one is the best one. If you see a home that is able to be shown soon, noted by the date in green, feel free to call us or fill our our Appointment Form. We will contact you for a showing.

Here are some of the amenities at Leesburg Acres:

  • No increase in rent for 3 years - GUARANTEED*!
  • Keeping rent affordable, so your stay will be longer
  • Only 6 month leases - then automatically converts to a month-to-month
  • Military has month-to-month leases, automatically
  • Lawn service provided at no additional cost to Phase I only
  • Water is included at no additional cost
  • Sewer/septic at no additional cost
  • Garbage at no additional cost
  • Paved driveway and paved parking spots
  • 24-hour drop box for convenient payments or service requests
  • We only show vacant homes
  • Sorry, NO PETS

*Guaranteed only if tenant receives no written warning during those 3 years